How can I have gotten this bad? I have unexplainable meltdowns. I cry for no apparent reason. I just sit alone and cry.  I also have uncontrollable laughter. Wierd. I can’t focus in class and even if I do, it doesn’t seem as though I’m learning anything new. Just repeating the same old thing. I can’t even think because my brain is too heavy.  Don’t get me wrong, I am better than before. I don’t feel tempted into doing any harm to myself but I still feel helpless and weak. I love myself but I feel unnessasary, like I don’t have a purpose in this life. Ironicaly though, I’m very over-confident. Yet, I’m not intrested in anything, not writing; art, school, friends, family or even music. And the funny thing is that despite my lack of intreset in people, I can’t stop socializing with everyone around me.